--------------------------------------------->>> Are you tired of holiday disappointments?

--------------------------------------------->>> Do misleading websites make you angry?

--------------------------------------------->>> Have you lost faith in travel guides?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you need Travel Treasures: PERSONAL TRAVEL ADVICE
Personalized travel recommendations
Travel Treasures is a small organization that specializes in personal travel recommendations. We do not list the restaurants and hotels we recommend, because not every restaurant or hotel is suitable for everyone. We only give personalized advice on places we have personally visited. No manipulated photos, no enticing marketing texts. We will tell you the truth. Whether you are a fruitarian, cannot stand red carpets or only want to eat in restaurants that make their own mayonnaise: we will tell you what places are right for you.

Trap or Treat
All you need to do is provide us with a time, a region and a budget, and let us know what is important to you when you travel. We will then advise you on the best places to eat and sleep, what to see while your are there and just as important: what to avoid. What is a treat to some, can be a trap to others – we will give you honest advice based on your own preferences.

No Commission
As we do not book the places we advise you to go, we ask for 0% commission – you only pay us a flat fee that includes all our knowledge on the region and a list of contacts.
For Discerning Travelers
All Travel Treasures agents are young professionals that travel often and have high standards. We are best suited to cater to professional single travelers, couples of all ages and groups on special occasions like a business trip or honeymoon. Of course families and backpackers can come to us as well, but during our explorations, we do not specifically look for budget options or child friendly areas.

Travel Treasures is a young organization that is rapidly expanding. As we only give advice on places we have visited personally, and we prefer to be detailed instead of global, we do not cover the entire world yet. But when you click here, you will see a list of all the locations that we have information on.

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Travel Treasures is not a Travel Agent. We only give you travel advice and provide you with the information about how you can make your reservations and bookings. With our information you can organize and book your holidays independently.

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